*Sold*-Antique Victorian Sterling Silver Sifter Berry Ladle

During the Victorian period design tended to be extremely decorated and ornamental. It was a time where craftsmen liked to display their skills in an ostentatious way. During this era berry spoons were quite a popular item with a lot of chase & repoussé work around the bowl of the spoons coupled with ornate engraving along the handle.

Here is a perfect example of such beautiful Victorian craftsmanship. This sterling silver berry ladle is profusely decorated with chase & repoussé work around the bowl and exquisite bright-cut engraving on the handle. The bowl is also pierced with star shapes to allow for sifting. This is an unusual piece as it is in the form of a ladle rather than the typical tablespoon shape. It was made in 1894 and assayed in London.

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Diana O'Mahony

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