Children’s Green Trinity Knot & Diamond Pendant

The cheerful colors of this pendant elicit the mood of springtime. Made of sterling silver that peeks around the curved edges of the Trinity knot, the pendant is an unmistakably Irish-inspired piece. Dabs of white against a green enamel make the wearer think of playful footsteps on a natural landscape. A lovely diamond shines from the top of the center loop.?

Knowing the Trinity Knot
The Trinity knot can be found adorning the most ancient of Celtic manuscripts, including the well-known Irish Book of Kells. These days, a person who wishes to express his growing affection for a partner might give her a necklace, ring, or bracelet engraved with a Trinity knot design. Centuries ago, the triad of threads represented the interlocking of three singular forms of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to create the mysterious being of the Holy Trinity, but over time, the three corners of the knot have come to proclaim the values of Love, Protection, and Honor.

A Mythical Allure
Someone who likes the challenge of puzzles but also the beauty of their trickery would appreciate this piece. The pendant creates a series of triangular and circular shapes whose soft curves spawn a feeling of continuous revolution. After a while, an admirer might need to look away from its mesmerizing effect to catch his or her breath. This shade of green ushers the wearer back to a mythical era in Ireland?s history, when the Trinity knot conjured associations with the powers of the supernatural and the infinite nature of the human spirit.?

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