Hagerty’s Silver Foam Cleaner

If you haven’t tried polishing your silver using Hagerty’s Silver Foam yet then you’re missing out. There’s nothing more satisfying than looking at your freshly polished silver, however, firstly you need to get through the dreaded task of cleaning it. Hagerty’s products make it so easy to get that beautiful shine. When we started using silver foam in our jewellers we never looked back, not only is it less abrasive than most old fashioned cleaners but it also takes half the time. It’s simple to use just wash the piece with the foam, rinse and dry! €12

We also have other Hagerty’s products such as silver clean for jewellery (€12), jewel clean for gold (€12), pearl clean (€12), silver gloves (€22), Silver Bath for cutlery (€18) and silver & jewel cloths (€8). If you ever need advice on cleaning we would be happy to talk to you in our store at 8 Winthrop Street, Cork.

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Diana O'Mahony

Diana O'Mahony Jewellers is a family run business which was established in 1981 on Winthrop Street, Cork City. The business is currently run by Diana's daughter Mary and her husband Ronan. Specialising in diamonds, gold, silver & antique jewellery we have something special for everyone and every budget.