Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring with 10k Gold Heart by Shanore

The Claddagh ring is an essential part of any jewellery collection and the Shanore have one of the most luxurious and comfortable Claddagh rings out there. The ring is made in a lovely thickness and the inside is curved to give a comfort fit. Within the shank of each of their Claddagh rings it is engraved “Love Loyalty Friendship” which is the meaning behind the Claddagh. And this particular claddagh ring contains a 10k gold heart which really sets off the design. What makes them even more special is that every piece of Shanore jewellery is made in Ireland. €135 & includes a free polishing cloth.

Each and every jewellery piece is handmade by a Shanore jeweller. Each and every curve and edge of this sterling silver Claddagh ring was created with precision, attention and care. The design of this unique ring was created in the mind and articulated by artisan hands. The quality of Shanore’s handmade jewellery is absolutely unmatched.

If you’d like to see more from our Shanore range or heart themed jewellery why not visit us at 8 Winthrop Street, Cork City.

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Diana O'Mahony

Diana O'Mahony Jewellers is a family run business which was established in 1981 on Winthrop Street, Cork City. The business is currently run by Diana's daughter Mary and her husband Ronan. Specialising in diamonds, gold, silver & antique jewellery we have something special for everyone and every budget.