Sterling Silver Marcasite & Whitby Jet Bracelet by C. W. Sellors

Vintage style is more popular than ever at the moment and marcasite is the centre of this revival. Here we have a beautiful cabochon-cut piece of jet set in the centre of a open, square linked marcasite bracelet.
We’ve been dealing with C. W. Sellors for the longest time, mainly due to the superb quality of their handmade pieces. All of their pieces of jewellery use natural gemstones and the finish is second to none. Jet is such a unique gemstone which is formed from fossilised wood and has beautiful intense black colour. Even though it has been treasured for hundreds of years, it was most popular during Victorian times.

To really appreciate the beauty of the piece you should try it on in our jewellery store on Winthrop Street, Cork City.

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Diana O'Mahony

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