Sterling Silver Sapphire CZ Cluster Earrings by NJO Design

The navy blue/ sapphire colour is an eternal classic when it comes to jewellery. Perfect for everyday wear or big days out the vibrance of this colour will suit most occasions. This particular pair of earrings has a round sapphire cz in the centre and is surrounded by a halo cluster of white czs around the outside. They are the perfect eye-catching size without being too overwhelming. These earrings are from NJO Designs in Dublin who have a stunning range of classical and contemporary jewellery that you can view in our store on Winthrop Street, Cork City.

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Diana O'Mahony

Diana O'Mahony Jewellers is a family run business which was established in 1981 on Winthrop Street, Cork City. The business is currently run by Diana's daughter Mary and her husband Ronan. Specialising in diamonds, gold, silver & antique jewellery we have something special for everyone and every budget.

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