Sterling Silver Claddagh Necklace by Shanore

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Sterling Silver Claddagh Necklace by Shanore


A ring of captivating Swarovski® crystals join together the two hands of the traditional Claddagh symbol in this brilliant pendant. The hands are clutching a heart, which is surmounted by a crown, with everything having been crafted out of gorgeous sterling silver. 


The Claddagh is a important Celtic symbol that represents the three components that make up a lasting relationship. The hands of the icon stands for friendship, an essential foundation to love or marriage. The heart held by the hands represents love, while the crown on top of the heart denotes loyalty. These three aspects combine to form a deep relationship between two people, strengthening their bond and ensuring that their love will stand the test of time. 


When presented with this exquisite Claddagh pendant, made radiant by the addition of the crystals by Swarovski, your beloved will know that you treasure both her and the relationship that the two of you share, while affirming your commitment to furthering the key aspects. She will proudly display it as she wears it to work with a button-down shirt or tunic to show off its beauty. 

Pendant Size - 18 x 18mm. Necklace Length - 18 inches.
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