Connoisseurs Silver Jewellery Cleaner

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Connoisseurs Silver Jewelry Cleaner

Introducing Connoisseurs Silver Jewellery Cleaner, your sterling silver's best friend. This Silver Bath is expertly designed to clean and rejuvenate your sterling silver jewelry, leaving them gleaming like new.

Key Features:

  • Fast and Easy Tarnish Removal
  • Restores Shine and Brilliance
  • Designed for Sterling Silver Only

Important Note: Please use this solution exclusively on sterling silver. It's not suitable for use on precious or semi-precious stones, painted/antiqued or plated pieces, or any other type of metal.

This 8 FL. OZ. (250ml) bottle comes complete with a dip tray for your convenience. Available now at our Cork City jewellers.

Revitalize your silver treasures with Connoisseurs Silver Jewellery Cleaner.