Support Local

In recent times as the world has become more connected and people are moving more towards online shopping it is becoming ever more important to protect our local economies and make an effort to buy local. You know that when you spend money with a local shop it is more likely that this money will recirculate in your area and keep the place alive and vibrant.

We decided to put together a list of some of our preferred local suppliers below. Please support local where you can, even the small sales mean a lot to us!

Wedding Suits & Menswear:

Red Church, Drawbridge Street, Cork-


Petals Floral Design, Cook Street, Cork-

Occasion & Wedding Cakes

Applebee Bakes, Maryborough Hill, Cork-


Cocoa, Winthrop Arcade, Winthrop Street, Cork-

Shoes & Footwear

The Shoe Suite- Maylor Street, Cork-

Cork City Shopping

This is a great asset when you're looking to support local businesses in Cork, a directory of some great local businesses -