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When you have a special piece like a diamond engagement ring, a treasured gold bracelet or a sentimental coloured gemstone necklace you will want to make sure that this is protected properly. Most insurance companies will require an up to date valuation from a recognised jeweller. Our Valuations for Insurance have been recognised by all insurance companies in Ireland.

Watch Batteries & Bracelet Adjustment

We offer a battery changing service for most watches and will replace your watch battery with a high quality Swiss made silver oxide battery. We can also adjust your bracelet by removing or adding links. Some minor repairs to your watch bracelet are also possible. And if you’re looking for a new strap we have a great selection of leather watch straps in a variety of colours and sizes.


With day to day wear of your jewellery it can pick up residues and small scratches which will lead to it becoming dull and lacking sparkle. The great news is that we can give your piece a deep clean and polish the metal professionally to remove any scratches and bring back that sparkle.

Also, as most people are aware white gold is finished with a rhodium plating which needs to be replated or dipped every year or two. We offer a replating service which includes a deep clean, polish and redipping of your ring. Following this service your ring will look like it did when you first purchased it.

Repairs, Sizings & Reconditioning

When you purchase a piece of jewellery made from a precious metal, you can rest assured that if it gets damaged or broken, in most situations, it can be repaired by a skilled goldsmith. Also from years of wear some pieces will also become worn down and settings loosened, however, we can return your jewellery to its former glory. We are able to offer a repair & reconditioning service for most fine jewellery. Some of the repairs and alterations available are diamond replacement, claw retipping, soldering and sizing. We can even make suggestions to repurpose old jewellery e.g. making a single earring into a pendant. In some cases your gold jewellery may have reached the end of its lifespan, however, you can always sell it for its gold value or trade it in against something new.


There’s nothing like a personalised inscription engraved on that perfect gift to make it more special. We can offer an engraving service for any items which are suitable for engraving such as the back of watches, cufflinks, disc pendants, photo frames, trophies and more. There are a number of styles available from plain block to handwritten script.

To engage with us for any of the above services you can find our friendly, family run jewellers on Winthrop Street, in the centre of Cork City. We are located between Brown Thomas on Patrick’s Street and the GPO (Post Office) on Oliver Plunkett Street. Also feel free to give us a phone call or send a WhatsApp message on 021-4276599 or email us to info@dom.ie and we can discuss your requirements with you.

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