18ct Gold Oval Ruby & Diamond Cluster Ring

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18ct Gold Oval Ruby & Diamond Cluster Ring

Embrace the allure of eternal flames with our breathtaking 18ct Gold Oval Ruby & Diamond Ring. A mesmerizing blood red ruby takes center stage, cradled in a secure rub-over setting that amplifies its fiery brilliance. The oval cut of the ruby captures and reflects light from every angle, creating a captivating dance of colors.

Surrounding the radiant ruby, a dazzling combination of round brilliant-cut and baguette-cut diamonds forms an exquisite halo, elevating the elegance of this masterpiece. Each diamond has a scintillating sparkle, adding a celestial touch to the already enchanting design. The seamless fusion of the brilliant gemstones and the 18ct yellow gold band showcases an unparalleled harmony between luxury and sophistication.

At our family run jewellers in Cork City, we take pride in our expertise in diamonds and colored gemstones. This ruby ring exemplifies our dedication to selecting the finest gemstones and quality pieces which will become heirloom pieces that transcend generations. With the vintage influence in our designs, this ring is a timeless testament to elegance and refinement.

Perfect for anniversaries, special occasions, or as an unforgettable declaration of love, it embodies the essence of enduring passion and devotion. Step into our welcoming jewellers, where the relaxed atmosphere allows you to explore our treasures at your leisure, with no pressure to make a decision. Find a piece of art that resonates with your soul and celebrates the eternal flames of love.