Candino Gents Chronos Collection Watch - C4518/F

Explore the essence of precision with the Swiss Men's CANDINO Watch from the CHRONOS Collection. Introducing the C4518/F model, a masterpiece in blue, featuring a captivating blue dial adorned with silver indices, all protected by a Sapphire crystal for flawless readability.

The sapphire crystal, a hallmark of high-end watchmaking, plays a pivotal role in this timepiece. Its exceptional hardness endows the watch with unparalleled scratch resistance, surpassed only by the illustrious diamond. While ordinary watch crystals, like mineral crystals, may succumb to scratches, the sapphire crystal ensures enduring quality, preserving the precision of the time display. Moreover, the sapphire crystal expertly mitigates bothersome reflections, ensuring a clear dial view even in challenging lighting conditions. Candino watches pledge optimal readability and enduring durability, courtesy of this extraordinary sapphire crystal.

Powering this watch is the Swiss-made RONDA 5040D quartz movement, celebrated for its unwavering quality and precision. It incorporates a chronograph function, enabling you to measure time with unparalleled accuracy.

Crafted with finesse from 316L Stainless Steel, this watch boasts exceptional resistance to corrosion, remarkable durability, and impeccable scratch resistance. This hypoallergenic material, of surgical-grade quality, guarantees comfort during extended wear, while exuding a timeless aesthetic.

Complementing this timepiece is a blue leather strap, secured with a classic buckle closure, ensuring the watch remains securely in place at all times.

Throughout its storied history, Candino watches have remained steadfast in upholding the exacting standards of traditional Swiss watchmaking, solidifying their reputation as an embodiment of Swiss Made excellence. Explore the essence of precision at our Cork City store, where Swiss craftsmanship meets timeless elegance.