The importance of getting your claws checked!

We offer a vast range of jewellery repairs & alterations in our jewellers in Cork City from soldering broken chains to sizing rings. A huge amount of jewellery repairs which we carry out involve replacing a diamond in a ring after it has fallen out. A lot of people are fortunate enough to have the diamond and it just needs to be reset, however, this isn't always the case. In the event of losing a diamond from your ring the repair can be quite expensive.

What most people might find surprising is that this situation could be avoided if you are getting your rings serviced regularly and having your claws checked & tightened on your diamond engagement ring. 

A ring which is worn everyday is constantly bumping off things, rubbing off the inside of pockets, getting caught in filing cabinets, etc. Over time these small instances can lead to a diamond becoming loose due to a claw getting strained or broken. Also, these factors will also slowly over time wear down the tips of the claws.

If you make a habit of having your rings checked on an annual basis your local jeweller can make sure that your claws keep holding that beautiful diamond as tight as possible. Your jeweller can also advise you when the tips of your claws are becoming worn and in need of strengthening or re-tipping.

Not only will doing this keep your diamonds safe and reduce the risk of losing one, it will also keep rings looking their very best as you can have them professionally polished or rhodium plated at the same time!

If you would like to have your claws checked or strengthened you can pop into our jewellers in Cork City at any stage where we can help advise you.